The Consumer + Wine And Spirits Foundation™ operates as a non-profit educational foundation while pursuing 501(c)(3) status.  

Non-Profit Mission: To provide wine and spirits consumers accurate, relevant and transparent product information through a method of product evaluation for quality and value and bringing those results to the consumer through our website, literature, retail shelf-tags and wine and spirits classes.

In today's wine and spirits marketplace, most consumers learn what they know about products through the slant of the corporate marketing machines that build international brands, or through their local retailer and restaurateur, whom are most concerned with the profits they reap rather than providing the consumer with the necessary education and tools they need to make better product and value choices.  Consequently, the consuming public is very often being tendered poor products or products with poor quality to value relationships.  It is the aim of the Consumer Wine And Spirits Foundation™ to address this void by providing wine and spirits consumers a voice and direction, in finding the market's better products and values.

Consumer + Wine And Spirits Foundation™ was conceived and started by wine and spirit industry professionals whose focus is consumer education through qualitative product assessment and comparing the qualitative outcome with the real cost of product to the marketplace's competition and determining a product's real value for its acquisition cost.  

This is determined through the use of the Product Evaluation Guide (PEG)™©.  PEG™© leads the professional taster through nine qualitative categories and then combines the evaluator’s qualitative product assessment with their perception of product cost and compares the combined outcome to the product's actual cost, in determining the product’s Consumer Value Rating (CVR)™©.  The Product Evaluation Guide and Consumer Value Rating (PEG and CVR) are trademarks and copyright of the Consumer + Wine And Spirits Foundation™.